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All photographs and writings are written and taken by Carlos Villalobos.
Orange County, California
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    • This is a conversation I had with myself while drunk, and had just found out my ex-girlfriend had a baby:
    • - Feb 22, 2013: I just saw my ex girlfriend holding her baby. I honestly am sad. I loved her. That could have been my baby. I don't know, sorry twitter.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: Happy birthday baby Silas!
    • - Feb 22, 2013: Even though I am 300 miles away, I can feel my heart being burried on her lawn. The night I was defeated, emotionally and physically.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: I look back and see why I didn't want what I have longed for? I really pursued it. But you don't want it?
    • - Feb 22, 2013: I smile. I really do. Man, I'm so sad right now. Haha, man. Idk. I wanted her kids lol.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: I would show you the picture, but you'd know who she is. The day after we got caught, I saw her. She was wearing my impending doom shirt
    • - Feb 22, 2013: I'm gonna regret these texts, but that's how I feel. Sorry for all you that have to read all these.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: But no, I'm really happy for you. I just wasn't the perfect puzzle piece.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: What if I was, but I was just on the wrong puzzle What if somehow I was misplace and put on the adjacent puzzle? Like the little kid lost it
    • - Feb 22, 2013: I can't stop laughing hahahahhaha. Man I don't know. I should stop.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: Hahahaha and it's the 23rd
    • - Feb 22, 2013: The day I asked my ex ex girlfriend to be my girlfriend. 2232006
    • - Feb 22, 2013: lol now she's married. OMG. lol 3 of my only 3 ex gfs are married. I am 3/3 after break up marriage rate.*
    • - Feb 22, 2013: WHY
    • - Feb 22, 2013: The truth sucks. Don't ever accept it. Jk. Do accept it. It's good for you.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: This girl next to me is talking about teaching overseas,? Lol you think she is? I doubt it. She's all talk hahaha. She'll stay here forever
    • - Feb 22, 2013: lol don't Un follow me. Please: I know I'm not cool, but I am posting a lot. Excuse me
    • - Feb 22, 2013: Hahah! I wish my phone wasn't dying. I want my notebook. I wanna write in it. I have my first writing in it.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: Goodnight world, I love you all.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: Woody's mom, you know who you are, just text me to not be sad. I won't be.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: I'm pretty sure you're reading this lol, thank you for your friendship.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: And for your dog Gabbz, I miss you too. I'll take you to the dog beach again. And you can not go chase the tennis ball. lol you lazy haha
    • - Feb 22, 2013: I like being alone sometime. Honestly I really hope I make an impact on somebody's life. A good impact.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: Like if I were to pass out, you would miss me.
    • - Feb 22, 2013: I wonder if I can be a writer?
    • - Feb 22, 2013: Like if people actually cared about what I had to say?
    • 11: 54 p.m. - Feb 22, 2013: I feel a lot better now. ✌
    • - Feb 22, 2013: Goodnight, and to all a good night.
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